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Why Is Acupuncture in Taylorsville an Effective Low Back Pain Treatment?

Written By Harrison Chiropractic and Wellness on July 25, 2018

One of the biggest reasons for people seeking medical help is back pain.

This type of pain is also the number one reason why people choose acupuncture. 

Why? Because research suggests acupuncture is effective at treating a number of conditions, including chronic low back pain. 

So if you’re thinking about acupuncture as your low back pain treatment, let’s see how your chiropractor can help.

Why is Acupuncture an Effective Low Back Pain Treatment? 

Over the years, an extensive amount of research has been conducted into how effective acupuncture is. 

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), it’s demonstrated as being effective at treating knee pain, osteoarthritis, neck pain, and chronic low back pain. It may also help prevent migraine headaches and reduce how frequently someone suffers from tension headaches. 

And today, as more people start to look toward alternative, drug-free treatments, it’s perhaps no surprise that many are seeking acupuncture as their go-to treatment option. 

Furthermore, even though prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medication may help ease any aches and pains, this is often temporary. Instead of treating the underlying cause of the pain, they simply mask it, meaning the person may continue to carry out activities that worsen the issue. 

How Does Acupuncture in Taylorsville Work? 

Acupuncture originated over 2,500 years ago in China and involves placing needles in particular areas of your body. 

Chinese medicine states that there are 2,000 different points around the human body which are all connected by meridians (or pathways), creating a flow of energy that’s referred to as Qi ( pronounced “chee”). 

By stimulating these precise points, professionals suggest this helps correct and improve the flow of energy around the body, eradicating any imbalances in the Qi. In so doing this, experts believe it helps boost your well-being and relieve pain. 

It is understood that these effects help stimulate the central nervous system, which, in turn, may release chemicals into the brain, spinal cord, and muscles. These chemicals can either provide bodily changes that promote an overall improvement in health or they can alter how someone’s experiencing pain. It can also help stimulate your body’s own inbuilt healing abilities. 

And the best bit? 

Some of these overwhelming effects may be experienced after your very first treatment. And with a tailored low back pain treatment plan, you’ll enjoy ongoing relief from the pain that has plagued you for too long. 

Many insurance companies have also recognized acupuncture being effective and may pay for services.  Call our office at the number below to see if your insurance covers acupuncture.

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