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How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Recover After a Car Accident

Written By Harrison Chiropractic and Wellness on February 14, 2018

Head, neck, and spinal injuries are common when it comes to car accidents. Your auto injury treatment should include a visit to your Taylorsville chiropractor, Dr. Eric J. Harrison. 

Accident injuries can lead to whiplash and chronic neck pain. One case-control study found that a significant amount of their tested individuals suffered from chronic neck pain and headaches due to a car accident. 

Having your spine adjusted by your chiropractor can significantly help your recovery from whiplash and other injuries associated with your car accident.

Full X-Ray and Examination

You may have received an x-ray after your accident if you went to the ER or visited your family doctor, which is an important step in auto injury treatment. 

Once you visit your chiropractor, whether or not it's the first time, they will do a full exam including additional x-rays if needed to determine the extent of your injuries

Dr. Harrison is certified through the Personal Injury Training Institute, and is highly qualified in treating auto accident related injuries.

You can also expect to undergo a number of specialized tests, including heat thermography, surface EMG, and Pulse Wave Profile. These tests will be performed to help determine which areas of your nervous system are affected and to what extent. 

In addition, we can refer out for necessary MRI’s or for other doctors that may be needed to help you.

Proper Adjustments

Once your chiropractor determines what areas of your spine need adjustment, you'll go through a series of treatments which include physical therapies and rehabilitative exercises.

New patients will come back for the first adjustment. Your doctor will need some time to come up with the right plan for your healing.

Your pain won't all go away in one visit or one adjustment.  You'll have a schedule of treatments that are right for your injuries. 

Home Instructions

Home instructions may include limiting certain activities, applying ice treatments to certain injured areas, and specific exercises that will help with recovery. 

If you've been in a car accident and are in need of auto injury treatment in Taylorsville, give Harrison Chiropractic a call at (901) 966-3101.

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