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Calendar of Events

For the month of March we are celebrating "ARCH" MADNESS! We are offering orthotic screenings for all of our patients. If you know someone who isn't a patient we are offering an orthotic scan twice this month-- March 12 and March 27th from 6-7 pm at our office. Call our office at 801.966.3101 to schedule your time! The feet our the foundation for our spine and if they aren't supported properly, you might have symptoms in your back and neck. So take a look at your shoes----are they worn unevenly? If so, you might be a good candidate for custom orthotics.

Dr. Mancini the author of "The Power of Self-Healing" was on the show "The Doctors". Here is a link to the segment. Did you know we offer Health Care classes every Wednesday night in our office? Better yet the Class is Free to EVERYONE!! Dr. Eric teaches all that come more about how to be overall healthier and goes into depth a little more on how the Nervous system functions and why it is so important to maintain your spine! The Next class will be Wednesday March 6th at 5:45 PM in the office! Whether you are an existing patient or wanting to learn more about chiropractic and our office please feel free to join us in our class. We ask that you call and let us know if you are planning to attend so we can make sure we have enough seating for all of our attendees. Call our office at 801.966.3101 to reserve your spot today!