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Why Chiropractic for Work Injury Treatment?

Written By Harrison Chiropractic and Wellness on June 24, 2019

Man in need of work injury treatment in TaylorsvilleWhen you've been injured at work, you want work injury treatment that will get you back on the job quickly. Depending on the extent of your work-caused injuries, you may want chiropractic treatment.

Work Injury Types

Living in Taylorsville, UT, there are all sorts of jobs you could be doing. Work injuries can happen anywhere (no matter your career), from a slip and fall to something more serious. Warehouse and factory workers can easily suffer from back pain and injuries.

Even if you work at a computer all day, or sit and place parts in a factory, injuries can affect you. Carpal tunnel syndrome is common with people that work with their hands.

Chiropractic as Work Injury Treatment

Whether you have a back or leg injury, or you have carpal tunnel, chiropractic is the right choice for work injury treatment. Even if your injury required surgery, visiting your chiropractor will help with quicker healing and natural pain relief.

There are many smart and healthy reasons for visiting a chiropractor as part of your work injury treatment. It's an affordable way to strengthen your injured area again.

1. It's a Natural Treatment

Chiropractic treatments use no invasive therapies, and they are medication free. Chiropractic care offers you a great way to work on better health without feeling like you're dragged down from drugs. In fact, studies show that chiropractic is ideal for drug-free pain relief.

2. Speeds up Recovery

When you get a chiropractic adjustment done, it adjusts your spine. Your spine is connected to your nervous system, which tells your body when to feel pain (it's where your pain receptors are located). By correcting spinal alignment, you also help your bones and muscles relax and go back into place – which means better movement.

3. It's Affordable

There is a chance that your insurance will cover chiropractic treatment. Even so, it can often be covered with worker's compensation. Out-of-pocket, chiropractic care will not set you back that much each month.

Start Your Work Injury Treatment in Taylorsville, UT

If you've been injured while you're at work, contact Harrison Chiropractic & Wellness at (801) 966-3101 for an appointment.

Dr. Eric Harrison is a Chiropractic Physician with nearly two decades of experience. He specializes in treating injuries, whether they happen on the job or on the field.

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