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You Can Relieve Stress Naturally with Acupuncture in Taylorsville

Written By Harrison Chiropractic and Wellness on November 27, 2020

Acupuncture TreatmentPeople’s stress levels are higher than ever.  

In addition to the typical stressors, you now have to deal with a pandemic. You might be homeschooling your kids now, too, and working from home in a non-optimal environment. 

Whatever your life looks like right now, your stress levels are most likely higher than they were a year ago. Thankfully, you can get incredible stress relief with acupuncture from your Taylorsville chiropractor. 

The Dangers of Chronic Stress

Stress is a killer. It leads to all sorts of serious and life-threatening health conditions, like: 

  • Heart disease 
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Overeating and weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Increase and dependence upon drugs, alcohol, and tobacco

Finding a remedy for your stress is a must!

How Acupuncture Can Provide Stress Relief 

The first reason why you should try acupuncture as a stress-relief aid is because you’re taking time to care for your physical, mental, and emotional needs. That, in and of itself, can help reduce stress levels, and instead of releasing stress hormones, your body starts releasing feel-good hormones like endorphins. 

Acupuncture targets certain parts, organs, or systems of the body that are weak, inflamed, or damaged. Dr. Harrison will place very thin needles at certain acupuncture points on your body. Then, the practitioner activates them with gentle movements or other types of stimulation. 

By activating these acupuncture points, Qi (or energy) can move freely throughout the body. Like blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid, if there’s stagnation of Qi, disease or discomfort can develop. 

During an appointment, many patients become so relaxed that they fall asleep. After their appointment, they notice an improvement in

  • Sleep
  • Stress relief 
  • Pain levels
  • Blood pressure
  • Allergies
  • Weight loss 
  • Gastrointestinal issues

Acupuncture is an Ideal Complement to Chiropractic Care

Dr. Eric Harrison (a fourth-generation chiropractor) wants you to have the best treatment options available for everything from headaches and neck pain to poor posture and stress. To accomplish that, he’s incorporated various modalities of care within his practice. 

Mixing therapies like massage, acupuncture, and exercise with spinal adjustments allow him to create a fully customizable treatment plan for each patient. He’ll utilize the best therapies for your individual needs. By doing that, he helps your body heal faster so you can feel better and get back to living a full, active, pain-free life. 

Curious if acupuncture is right for you? Call us at 801-966-3101 to schedule a consultation.

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